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Sales, Vouchers, Newsletters, In-store promotions

We have over 1m vouchers, sales, deals from 20k UK Retailers, stretching back 2 years. We’re signed up to over 10k newsletters!

Audit your affiliate channels

Find old and expired codes quickly and easily. See which sites are showing your codes, which shouldn’t. See your biggest marketing opportunities.

Optimise your marketing

Understand competitors promotional strategies so you can react quickly and decisively.

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VoucherVu Features:
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    Voucher and deal alerts

    Get immediate insight when your competitors launch a new voucher code, so you can take fast action to mitigate any impact.

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    We are signed up to all the UK’s retail newsletters – so you don’t have to.

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    Audit affiliates

    With 1 click see what’s live across 10s of affiliates, track down old codes, and leaked exclusive and missing gaps!

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    Broad coverage

    We have data from all the leading voucher, deal and cashback websites. All updated every day to ensure you remain completely up-to-date.

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    Deal and offer data

    We don’t just capture voucher codes, but also sales, deals, competitions which competitors may be running – and full cashback data too!

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    Historical data

    Gain real insight into the promotional actions of your competitors with full access to our ever expanding historical data, downloadable to Excel.

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